Pain, Priorities and British Comedy

I love technology. I love it a lot. I can’t remember the last time I went a day without my phone or my laptop. I’d rather not be able to remember the time I binge watched a tv series (looking at you, Game of Thrones). It helps you be productive… and it can distract you for days (or weeks… or months) on end.

However right now I’m feeling a bit resentful towards technology. Mainly because when I was making┬ámy dinner, I decided to turn on the music channels on my tv for a bit of background music. I┬ápressed the button on my television, when suddenly it attacked me and crushed my foot. Angry and in pain as I was, I bent down to pick up the television…. and nada. Nothing. It was too bloody heavy. And so began my dilemma. There I was, standing in my sitting room, alone, while my huge block of a television lay on my foot. My room mates were in their rooms, and I was left to deal with the situation. While there were many ideas running through my head, one of them was “this will make a semi-decent blog post later.” Priorities, Ciara. PRIORITIES.

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The Old Gods, the New Gods, and the God of Procrastination

I admit that part of my inspiration for starting this blog was my two friends who also began blogging today. However, I did actually have a blog before. It was sort of terrible, and then it became even worse last year when it began to resemble my Leaving Cert English essays – and who wants to read that unless you’re getting paid to do it?

So here I am with round 2 of Ciara’s Attempts To Run A Blog.As the title suggests, this blog will contain (hopefully), the daily bants of my life as I sail the through the sea of college assignments, television shows and my general musings on life. What better time to begin this great adventure than the Easter holidays when I’m procrastinating college work?

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