Ciara’s Music Library #1

I’ve decided that in an attempt to keep my blog updated weekly, I’m going to focus on one thing I love – music. So most¬†Tuesdays (and I stress the most, because we all know when the time comes that my bog is actually updated every week, the apocalypse is surely near), I’ll do a sort of mini-review on what songs I’m listening to that week, or a band whose album I’ve recently… uh… ‘bought’.

So this, week, I’m going to start with Ed Sheeran’s newest album,¬†X.¬†As you probably know from one of my previous blog posts where I talked about his gig in Vicar Street in May 2014, I am a huge Ed Sheeran fan, and as a result, I was extremely excited for the release of the album. I wasn’t disappointed – but then again, after waiting almost 3 years for a new album, my initial reaction was always going to be extreme excitement!

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