My First Trip To Slane

So over a week and  half ago, I went to Slane for the first time, to see the amazing Foo Fighters live in concert. Yes, I know this is late. Yes, I realise people no longer care.

Anyway, this gig? It. Was. Phenomenal.


I am being deadly serious.

I left at 9:30am to get the Concert Travel bus to Slane, and arrived shortly before 1pm. Unfortunately, my companions for my Slane adventure were not on that bus. I had to hang around for over an hour for them to arrive, but when they arrived… it was time for the magic to begin.

As I said, I’ve never been to Slane before. It is HUGE. Way bigger than I expected. Also, I knew there was a hill, but it never occurred to me that traversing the hill when it’s wet and mucky and people are falling around the place and dodging other people’s falling pints could be a problem. It was a slight problem, but no matter, it’s an outdoor gig. You expect to go home a little wet (except we went home like drowned rats!).

Unfortunately, I missed The Strypes, but they sounded great while I was walking to Slane. It took about 15 minutes to walk from the car park to the actual venue, and once we got inside we found a nice little place to sit and enjoy the weather. That didn’t last too long!! After Ash’s performance, we went for food, and midway through the Kaiser Chiefs, the heaven’s opened and thousands of people wept for their soggy chips and even soggier than usual noodles. We battled the slippery slopes back to the bottom of the hill, burgers and chips in hand (I would also like to mention that I managed to make it from the food stands at the top of the hill back to the bottom by the pit WITHOUT spilling my bottle of Coke. This is impressive when you consider how mucky the slopes were and they took my bottle cap.)

(Actually, that’s a valid point. Why did they take my bottle lid? Like, I know they say I could throw it at the stage, but surely I’ll do more damage with the open bottle than the lid???)

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