Things It’s Not Okay To Do In Public

It’s been far too long since I wrote a blog post, but I was feeling rather uninspired over the summer – writing wise anyway. But something happened which inspired me to return to blogging in the form of a rant (big surprise there…).

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Less Leg Room Than a Ryanair Flight

What’s got less legroom than a Ryanair flight? You got it, it’s a bus! I’m currently on my way back to college land, thus basically ending my Easter holidays. (And my game of thrones/revenge marathons. Weep for me and my television. I’ll return to you soon, my love!)

As I boarded the bus today, I immediately looked for a pair of seats without another passenger. Thankfully, I found one. I dislike sitting next to people on buses. Walking onto a crowded bus and beginning the fruitless scan of the seats, hoping and praying there’s two seats without people sitting in them is among my least favourite things about travelling. The part where you realise there are no pairs of free seats and you have to awkwardly sit in beside a complete stranger also ranks pretty highly on this list.

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