One Hundred Memories or More

Daily Prompt: A Moment In Time

Anyone who knows me in real life (or is friends with me on Facebook) will know that over the last few years, I have taken a few photos. And by a few, I mean I generally take more photos on a night out than many people take in a year. There is actually no exaggeration there.

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Get To Know Me tag!

Aaaaaalllrighty so it’s been a while, yada yada yada, I’m shit at blogging on a regular schedule, but guess who’s back? I’d like to thank the ever fabulous Aine for tagging me and motivating me to get back to the oul blog! Miss you girlo! Get yo ass to Tralee soon please!! 😀

Here we go!

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Could YOU Handle The Truth?

I’ve been avoiding blogging.

I know, awful. I wasn’t feeling terribly inspired, to be honest. But today I thought perhaps I should motivate myself. By motivate myself, I mean procrastinate reading a play I should have read over the summer but didn’t, and now I have a lecture on it at 9am tomorrow morning. Have I read a word of it? Do I even know what the play is about? Could I even name two of the characters? NOPE.

The play is Oedipus Rex. But never mind that – today’s blog entry is about the truth (and the lack of it I will use when my lecturer asks me if I read the play tomorrow, because let’s face it, it’s 9:30pm. It might happen. It might not. I might read it. I might spend the next 3 hours on Facebook and Tinder and regret it horribly. So many options.)

Today’s Daily Prompt is Truth Serum – if you had one vial, who would you use it on and what would you ask? I could go all snobby and say I’d use it on someone in politics or in some other high powered job and ask them about that, or reveal someone’s evil motivations. Maybe Kim Jong-Un – but I don’t even know what I’d ask him.

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Widgets, Tea and Staying 18 Forever

So between yesterday and today, I have changed my theme and added widgets (yay!) including the cloud of most used tags which I looooove. I don’t why, but whenever I see them on other blogs, I always think, “This is what I want on my blog.” I’m writing this while listening to Foo Fighters and oh man, their music is so good for writing. I had a look at some other widgets, but the only ones I really liked were the follow buttons (obviously) and my twitter widget. My tweets range from pure gold to pure rubbish. There’s rarely any middle ground. Half the time I’m just retweeting everyone else.  Got any ideas for widgets I should check out? Let me know!

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Autumn Is Upon Us!

Today’s Daily Prompt is all about autumn. While the season technically began back in August, I never think of autumn truly beginning until September – I’ve been back in college for a full week, my birthday is next week and people are already beginning to discuss plans for Halloween and the October mid-term break. Yes, in my mind, autumn is finally upon us.

I love this season. It’s without a doubt my favourite, because while I adore the sunshine and sunbathing and chilling at the beach, I also love being able to wear boots and woolly jumpers instead of t-shirts and shorts, and lighting the fire instead of wishing for air-conditioning. There’s always just been something about this season. The temperatures are dropping, and suddenly you’ve got a ready-made excuse to curl up in front of the fire and watch the latest episode of your newly returned TV show. Woolly jumpers and super cosy cardigans are once again acceptable and falling asleep to the sound of rain outside is almost a guarantee. The shorts and string tops are packed into the attic for next summer and the hats, scarves, gloves and various umbrellas have to be rooted out of whatever hiding place you threw them into last May when the weather got really good. (Admittedly, for a good portion of May, June and even a bit of July, I remained sceptical about the weather and carried an umbrella with me. Only in Ireland would this be completely normal).

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Hello WordPress!

Once again, the updates are few and far between. This week on blogging 101, we had to find a theme we liked, which I did but didn’t blog about it, and say hello to our wordpress neighbours.


Starting Monday, I am determined to truly devote myself to blogging 101. Life and college got in the way this week (it was my first week back and it was very hectic, from having a friend essentially move into my apartment to twisting my ankle on Sunday night and spending several hours on Tuesday waiting in A&E for an xray to tell me if I had a hairline fracture. I didn’t). All in all, a busy week!

But come Monday, reality resumes and the blogging will return! I can’t wait to truly get started!

Today’s entry is just a short update, so I’ll see you all on Monday!

Blogging 101 and Writing 101 are Back!

Going to be attempting this. A blog a day? Could be interesting to see how that goes…

The Daily Post

Getting your new blog off the ground, or ready to jump-start a flagging site? It’s your lucky day! Registration is now open for the next rounds of Blogging 101 and Writing 101 — they start on Monday, September 15.

Blogging 101: Zero to Hero

My blog has gone from being dull and plain to having widgets and all this shmancy tech stuff, and from having almost no followers to having a loyal following now!

Blogging 101 is a month of bite-size blogging assignments that take you from “Blog?” to “Blog!” At the end of the month, you’ll have a blog you’re proud and excited to publish — and that others are excited to read. Here’s how it works:

  • Assignments fall into three broad categories — publishing posts, customizing your blog, and engaging with the community — and are designed to build on one another.
  • We’ll post a new assignment here on

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