About This Blogger

The name is Ciara. I’m currently living it up on the exotic island of Ireland where I’m studying Media Studies. I enjoy reading, watching a ridiculous amount of television, spending too much time on the internet and harassing my friends with a camera. Occasionally, I blog.

Here you’ll find general musings on my everyday life and what I’m going through in college (I’ve recently started my second year), rants, television, radio and music. I adore gigs and if I like a band for more than a few months, chances are I’m going to try and see them live. I volunteer at various music festivals around Ireland with Oxfam during the summer.

I adore Harry Potter, Sherlock, Orange is the New Black, and as an extremely guilty pleasure, Project Runway. I watch many other shows and have read many other books but there’s too many list to list here. Enjoy the madness!


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