Get Rich Quick Schemes!

The latest topic of conversation in my home is summer and the plans that I haven’t got for it. At 19 years old, I really should have some sort of a job or some way of making money – and the time has come again for me to be looking into jobs and hoping and praying somewhere will take me on.

This year, the suggestion was made that I go to America for the summer. Alas, I have no money at all for this kind of trip, so I’ve come up with a few plans to make lots of money really quickly to finance my trip:

Ciara’s Get Rich Quick Schemes!!!

  1. Kickstarter Campaign
    There’s kickstarters for everything else right?? Why not start a kickstarter to finance a trip to the States for the summer?? I’m only dying to have an excuse to use the go pro camera I won this week (which I’ll make a proper post about later), so why not make a documentary about the entire J1 process – choosing the destination, finding a job, getting the insurance and meeting the embassy people and all that? It could totally work.
  2. Use
    This interesting website allows people to post up jobs they would do for $5 – anything from photoshop to voiceovers to spellchecking documents to the weird and bizzare things you never could have dreamed of. I’ll spellcheck your word documents. I’ll photoshop your head on to someone else’s body. I’ll tweet promote your business. I’ll invite 600 people to like your facebook page. All for just $5!!!
  3. Freelance work.
    Signing up to a website like Elance, and putting any skill you have to good use. I can photoshop your head onto somebody’s body. Someone is bound to hire me, right? Right???
  4. Enter competitions.
    Okay, this one is kinda self-explanatory. Enter competitions. Win competitions. Receive prizes. Done. As I mentioned already, myself and a friend made a short 2 minute film for a film competition and we came first and won a go pro camera which is awesome.
  5. Beg parents for money.
    Admittedly, it’s not a great option, but it’s always there…
  6. Reviewing products for money.
    I’ve recently signed up to one called slicethepie, which lets you review music for cash. Haven’t used it yet… I’ll report back soon.
  7. Get an actual job.
    Alright, it isn’t exactly get rich quick, but money is money and if you can get a job… stick with it. I’m sending my CV to McDonalds soon.
  8. Win the Lotto
    Nobody said these had to be realistic get rich quick schemes!!

There you have it folks, 8 ways for you to make money quick. I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavours, and if anyone would like to suggest another way to make money, or to sponsor my trip to the States, I’d only be too happy to hear from you!

Until next time,

Ciara x


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