Could YOU Handle The Truth?

I’ve been avoiding blogging.

I know, awful. I wasn’t feeling terribly inspired, to be honest. But today I thought perhaps I should motivate myself. By motivate myself, I mean procrastinate reading a play I should have read over the summer but didn’t, and now I have a lecture on it at 9am tomorrow morning. Have I read a word of it? Do I even know what the play is about? Could I even name two of the characters? NOPE.

The play is Oedipus Rex. But never mind that – today’s blog entry is about the truth (and the lack of it I will use when my lecturer asks me if I read the play tomorrow, because let’s face it, it’s 9:30pm. It might happen. It might not. I might read it. I might spend the next 3 hours on Facebook and Tinder and regret it horribly. So many options.)

Today’s Daily Prompt is Truth Serum – if you had one vial, who would you use it on and what would you ask? I could go all snobby and say I’d use it on someone in politics or in some other high powered job and ask them about that, or reveal someone’s evil motivations. Maybe Kim Jong-Un – but I don’t even know what I’d ask him.

Realistically, am I the only one who’d put it in my friend’s drinks at a house party and just sit back and see what happens? I reckon it’d be hilarious! Of course, it could get extremely dodgy once people have a few drinks in them… I may have to hope that they all have such extreme hangovers that none of them would remember – or that they didn’t realise! And of course you’d have to hope that people aren’t harbouring secret crushes on people in the group or anything like that… could get very awkward very quickly!

Of course, it’s a nice idea in theory, that you could ask people anything you wanted to know and they would have to tell you. But I like to live in a sort of ‘ignorance is bliss’ world. I think about some of the questions I’d ask and wonder do I really want to know the answers to them. Would they change things if I knew the answers to them? If you ask people for an honest opinion on you and they tell you… well, would you really want to know? Some questions need to remain just that – questions. Leave people wondering about the answer. We all need our secrets. Imagine how terrifying it would be if there was a person out there who you were forced to tell the truth to, no matter what they asked you. If we were supposed to know what everyone was thinking, we’d all be mind-readers. The real thing here is, if you want to ask a question of someone who must tell the truth, then you must be prepared to handle whatever answer they give you. Could YOU handle the truth?


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