Widgets, Tea and Staying 18 Forever

So between yesterday and today, I have changed my theme and added widgets (yay!) including the cloud of most used tags which I looooove. I don’t why, but whenever I see them on other blogs, I always think, “This is what I want on my blog.” I’m writing this while listening to Foo Fighters and oh man, their music is so good for writing. I had a look at some other widgets, but the only ones I really liked were the follow buttons (obviously) and my twitter widget. My tweets range from pure gold to pure rubbish. There’s rarely any middle ground. Half the time I’m just retweeting everyone else.  Got any ideas for widgets I should check out? Let me know!

I quite like my new theme. I liked my old theme too, but I feel this one is slightly less cluttered. I might play around with the colours because I’m not 100% sold on the blue background – let me know what you guys think!

Anyway, on with the news! I’m back in college for Week 2, and last night I began the journey to keeping fit this year, and I went to my first tag rugby training session. Well oh my god. I am dead. DEAD. I had no idea how unfit I was, but let’s just say that after an hour I could have sat in a bucket of tomatoes and blended in very nicely. Great craic though, and I’m really looking forward to next week! The countdown to my birthday continues, and it’s slowly sinking in that, like so many before me have realised, I will not be 18 forever. On Wednesday I turn 19. The final year of my teenage years. That’s slightly terrifying. I’d quite like to be 18 forever. It’s a nice age, 18. You’re old enough to do most things legally but you’re still young enough to screw up and not have people look down on you too much because you’re still young. It’s great!

Ages are an odd thing though. Like, even though I am well aware that 20 comes before 21, I always think of 20 year olds to be older and more mature than 21 year olds. Maybe it’s because such a  big deal is made about a 21st birthday where you go MENTAL, because it’s your last big birthday until you turn 30. THIRTY. One of the girls in my class will be turning 30 the same year I turn 21. How odd is that? Probably weirder for her than me really. I’m just the baby of the class.

Sudden realisation: I boiled the kettle for tea before I came upstairs to blog about 20 minutes ago and I forgot all about it. This is very distressing. I love my cup of tea in the morning, but when I tried to boil the kettle this morning, there was already the tiniest bit of boiling water in the kettle – which was bizarre in itself, since everybody else had left the house more than an hour before I got up (I love 1pm starts) – andas a result when I put more water in, the kettle refused to boil. Disaster. Realistically I probably should have just poured out the tiny bit of boiling water first… but oh well. What’s done is done! And on that note, I will leave you. I need my tea!

Until next time,
Ciara 🙂

P.S Fun fact: This is my 18th post on this blog – seems only fitting that my last post as an 18 year old will be my 18th post… which also means my first post as a 19 year old will be my 19th post! TOO EXCITING!


One thought on “Widgets, Tea and Staying 18 Forever

  1. Your theme looks really good!! I’m viewing on mobile but I think it suits your writing style. I can also recommend the Gallery widget, if you have any cool photos you want to share.

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