Sudden Realisations on a Tuesday

I feel like I start every blog post with an apology for not writing more. Woops!

However, in the last few days, I’ve come to a rather important conclusion about my blog: none of what I blog about is terribly interesting. But you know what, mysterious and possibly non-existent reader? That doesn’t matter!

I knew this already, but I’ve just realised that it doesn’t matter. I started this blog because I love to write and since I left secondary school, I haven’t been doing it that much, and I thought that starting this blog would be similar to that, except with topics I liked and found interesting rather than the similarities in cultural context between Casablanca, Emma and Sive (thank you, Leaving Cert English). But I recall a comment from one of my friends when I posted my blog entry about the end of college to facebook: “I knew you had to be good at writing to do so well in English, but I didn’t think you were THAT good!” Similarly, a girl I hadn’t spoken to since I left school sent me a message to say that she really liked the post. How lovely was that? It’s the little things that really put a smile on your face.

I was very proud of that. I’d always liked writing but I never liked showing it to people. School was ok, because you had to and it was for a grade, and while I’d always despised the idea of sitting down to write a 7 page essay, I usually quite enjoyed them once I’d settled into it. As a result, when my teacher stopped grading our work in 6th year, my essay standards for myself dropped a little bit – but the ability was always there I guess, since I got the A1 (the best grade you can get).

Ok, I’m getting a little off topic. The point was, I began this blog for me – so I could write about my life and reflect on things that happened and practise my writing, and somewhere along the way, I forgot that. I started posts and thought, “nah, I can’t post that, people actually read these and they’ll judge me for it.” I stopped blogging because I wanted to and started blogging things that I thought other people would find interesting. But who cares if you read my blog? Very few people actually do – but why should  I care? When did I start putting the possibly opinions of other people before my own wants?

(perhaps a little harsh but really though, this is my blog, and if I wish to blog about my uninteresting life, why shouldn’t I?)

This post is an example of a sudden flash of inspiration – I originally logged on to wordpress to blog about Electric Picnic and how fabulous it was so I’ll do that next! 🙂 It appears I got a little off track, but I was more inspired to write this post than I have been in a while  – bright sides!

Anyways, basically from now on I will probably blog about fairly mundane things happening in my life – they’ll be short, sweet and nowhere near 500 words (which isn’t long but like… you get what I mean).

Until next time!


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