Ciara’s Music Library #2

This week’s blog: Longitude 2014.

It was FANTASTIC. Amazing. One of the best weekends of the summer. I made new friends, and got to see some wonderful acts including Bastille, Bombay Bicycle Club and Ben Howard. I would seriously recommend that anyone who doesn’t have enough money for gigs should look into Oxfam stewarding – click here for the form.

Everybody was so lovely – the other stewards, the staff, and especially the absolutely hilarious Scottish security guards.

I thought I’d have loads to write about but I’m struggling to find the words to sum up how good the weekend was. From looking after drunken festival goers (which was surprisingly good craic), running around after lads who were trying to pee on tents, and laughing at the costume choices on the dance acts on Saturday, to teaching drunk people what a one way system was, receiving surprise hugs from drunken people you looked after the day before and came back for another round full of life (and very appreciative that you didn’t get them kicked out), and learning to understand some very strong Scottish accents, it was just wonderful. Really, really great.

The acts I got to see were fantastic. I though Bastille absolutely killed it, and I was right in the middle of the crowd. Even got up on someone’s shoulder which was seriously awesome. Friendly English boys are the best.

I’m going to leave it there. Sorry to disappoint anyone was hoping for a long update… if anyone was.

Bye for now!


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