Things It’s Not Okay To Do In Public

It’s been far too long since I wrote a blog post, but I was feeling rather uninspired over the summer – writing wise anyway. But something happened which inspired me to return to blogging in the form of a rant (big surprise there…).

So I was on the bus home yesterday, happy out, got a double seat to myself so I had lots of leg room and space for my bags, I had my book, the air conditioning was on, and it seemed like it was going to be a relatively enjoyably bus ride (or as enjoyable as a 2 and a half hour bus journey can be after you’ve already been on a bus for 2 and a half hours). Unfortunately, ten minutes into the bus journey, I hear the person behind me playing music. Now look, I don’t mind people playing music on the bus if it’s nice and quiet. Everyone forgets their headphones from time to time and sometimes you just need to listen to a certain song, y’know? So I ignored it, presuming that the person would only play a few songs, then turn off the music and resign herself to a bus journey without music.

Not so.

Twenty minutes later, the music is still going. And it wasn’t nice and quiet music. Oh no. It was a obviously a horrifically bad recording of a gig (I think Shane Filan judging by the obscene amount of times I heard Uptown Girl being murdered) and she was blaring it at top volume from her phone. Admittedly, I was annoyed, but I reckoned that she couldn’t have more than 30 minutes footage, or 40 at a stretch. On any other day, I could have plugged in my own headphones and turned my music up, but my iPod was dead and I was left music-less for this portion of my bus journey.

40 minutes into the bus journey and I hear Shane Filan thank the fans for having him in the video and I breathe a sigh of relief that I might be able to enjoy my book in peace.

Then she replays the video. I seriously thought I was going to turn around and scream at her.

It got me thinking about people and the lack of social manners people seem to have these days. Have people just lost all respect for other people these days? The girl had to be at least 16/17 – old enough to know that if you are blaring bad quality music for 2 and a half hours in a confined space such as a bus, 9/10 times you’ve probably pissed off somebody on that bus.

It’s like people have stopped caring about what they’re doing. I mean, great, don’t care about other people’s opinions of you – to an extent. If you’re a man in your 30’s and you’re about to board a bus and you’re absent-mindedly rubbing your crotch in broad daylight and you don’t care that it’s not really socially acceptable to do that… I’m concerned. Frankly, I’m uncomfortable, there’s people around me that are uncomfortable, and no parent should actually have to cover the eyes of their children. It’s ridiculous.

Everybody has different opinions on what is and what isn’t socially acceptable. They range from minor personal preferences (feeling a little ill when you see people wearing crocs or socks with sandals in public) to extreme ones which most people agree with (people walking around naked).

I want to post this while I remember, but I’ll probably rant about it more in a later blog post.

Bye for now!


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