Summertime in the South West

Hello all!

This will be just a general life blog post. I’m working on more interesting ones, I swear, but I couldn’t not blog about last week, which I spent back down in Kerry.

It started originally as a simple enough plan: get the bus down Friday, spend the weekend with my friend, hit the nightclubs in Killarney on Saturday night, recover Sunday, get the bus home on Monday morning. Simples. But slowly, day by day, it turned into a week long holiday and I cannot remember a time where I laughed so much or had a greater chance of picking up a British accent. (I didn’t, in case you’re interested, but my mother informed me when I came home that when I called her during the week ad I an extremely thick Kerry accent. Fabulous).

The general surprises and mayhem began on Friday evening when I arrived at my friend’s house to find another friend waiting for me (a friend who had INSISTED she wasn’t coming) who proceeded to nearly give me a heart attack. I may have slightly overreacted and may have been a little emotional to see her, but so would you if you hadn’t eaten anything in 7 hours and had spent 5 of those 7 hours travelling on buses. I was starving. I was probably a little delirious and if I hadn’t gotten food shortly after, my friends may have started to look like food.

I’m very fond of food.

So there we were, the three best friends that anybody could have, ready to take on the weekend together. We began with a trip to Killarney to visit what are known in those parts as ‘the birds’. No, not actual birds. The rest of the English speaking world knows them as amusement park rides. We had mad craic on the waltzers (an amusement park staple) and myself and Jess had a go on this thing called the Matterhorn which was AWESOME. (basically you sit in a little cart thing which swings manically from side to side while the entire ride goes around in a circle really fast. It was excellent.) We followed this up with a trip to Burger King and the Chinese for some much needed food before heading home again.

Saturday was a bit of a whirlwind of getting ready for the night out and discovering a new love for ‘Aftershock’ courtesy of Jess’s dad. Myself and Aine were happy out with our shots while Jess got out hair done, and before we knew it, we were on the bus to Killarney!

Now Killarney. What a cute little town. It was decked out in red, white and blue for American Independence Day (which was a little OTT for my liking but lovely nonetheless) and there were people EVERYWHERE. We paid a visit to Scruffy’s to get started, before moving on to the nightclub. After a rather painful 40 minute wait to get inside, we had to pay a €10 entry fee (I felt a bit sick handing over my money and resolved to never again complain about paying €5 entry back home). Despite this, the night was a fairly good one – which was certainly helped by our encounter with a young gentleman who threw €80 at a bartender for 10 JÄGERBOMBS like it was nothing! WAHEY! Nothing like a free drink to lift your spirits!
The journey home was uneventful, and we spent Sunday lounging around. At some point, we decided to stay another day and meet up with some other friends on Monday.

Monday was fab. It was great to meet up with some of the lads again (and even gave me an excuse to take some photos! 😀 ). We spent the day chilling in Tralee, enjoying various takeout meals and having the banter over various slightly odd arguments. A wonderful day. That evening, we made plans to get the bus home Wednesday morning.

Tuesday came and went, and before we knew it we were in Tralee on Wednesday morning with our suitcases, saying emotional goodbyes to Jess and her family before myself and Aine hit Subway for a ‘last breakfast’. I got the best sub I have ever had (which comprised of Hearty Italian bread with meatball sauce, pepperoni, chicken, cheese, extra cheese, lettuce and onions) and we sat down to enjoy our last meal. We hadn’t even taken a bite before my phone rang with a sobbing Jess and a possibly even more emotional Sheila (Jess’s mother) yelling down the phone that we couldn’t leave. (Huge thanks and praise must go to the lone subway worker who didn’t kick us out or give us too many weird looks when we had a British woman on loudspeaker yelling at us to stay while we ate our subs). So after much deliberation and a few calls home to our mammies (who always know best, we’ve been told), we decided to extend our mini holiday in Kerry. An emergency trip to Penneys was made for essentials, we ran into almost every person we knew in Tralee, and took up positions outside of the bank while we waited for a lift, where one friend informed us that we looked homeless and offered us money for food. While the temptation to take the money and return to subway was real, we politely declined, and resumed our positions of staring down the people who chose to glare at us. It was an interesting morning to say the least.

The rest of our time in Kerry passed without too many surprised. We ate a ridiculous amount of take out and chocolate, stayed up until the early hours of the morning chatting and being oddly surprised when we were still tired the next morning, snapchatting videos of each other being idiots, and debated sexualities and the advantages of the mooncup. (I’m still sceptical). But overall, it was another emotional goodbye when we eventually did depart on Saturday morning – Jess and Aine to Limerick for the day, and me to my 5 hour bus journey with my pre-prepared bag of snacks from Jess’s dad.

The week is all ogre now but it will definitely be one of the highlights of my summer. I will probably spend this next week trying to get a normal sleep pattern back, and of course, trying to get rid of the Kerry accent! Next stop, Indiependence at the beginning of August!

Bye for now!


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