A Visit To Vicar Street

It’s been a whole week since I last blogged. I know, it’s terrible, but things have been awfully hectic around here the past week. Firstly, study week began this week – and by study week I mean the week that everything is due. Well, almost everything. We had three assignments to submit this week and we have one assignment due and two exams next week. It’s all a bit manic.

But none of that inspired this week’s blog post. This post is about the wonderfully talented and all round amazing person, Ed Sheeran – who I saw live in Vicar Street on Monday night. IT WAS AMAZING. There are no words to accurately describe the atmosphere at the gig on Monday night, but it is safe to say it was one of the best gigs I was ever at.

Let’s go back to Friday. Although really, we should go back to early last week, when it was announced that Ed was going to play a secret gig in Dublin on Monday May 6th. I was excited, but not overly so – I assumed the tickets would be at least 30 euro and besides, I already had tickets to go see him perform in the O2 in October. Regardless, when it was announced that tickets would go on sale on Friday at some point, I decided to keep an eye on it while I was in college. At around 4pm, the tickets went on sale – the gig was in Vicar Street! The thought of Ed playing such an intimate venue was reason enough to go, but the icing on the cake was the ticket price. 10 euro was all they were charging for this gig. My mind was made up. I needed to go! I was on ticketmaster, looking at the tickets when I suddenly realised, “I have two assignments due on Tuesday and no way of getting to and from Dublin.” What was I thinking? I couldn’t possibly go to Dublin the night before my assignments were due. And then, I said it to one of my friends who is massively into going to gigs and bands who’ll be huge in a few years (four, to be exact. It’s always four years), and he said, “Let’s go! I’ll drive up and down!” Sorted! We were going!… well, we could go….but we couldn’t. Surely we couldn’t go to a gig! We had assignments to do! We’d be exhausted! We had no money! We couldn’t!

So calls were made, panic attacks were had and we said feck it, let’s go! We’ll get everything done! We got onto ticketmaster, entered the ticket number and the captcha code…and no tickets. To say we were upset could be an understatement – we’d spent the last 10 minutes working ourselves into a panic over whether or not we should go, and they were gone. Or so ticketmaster said. But we persevered, refreshing the page and battling with the illegible captcha codes (one day those things will cause me to have a mental breakdown, I’m sure of it), and we got tickets!! Apologies to our friend who was sitting in the middle of the two of us while we were in the state of all-out panic, but it was so worth it.

So, Monday. We drove to Dublin, got lost going to the Red Cow LUAS stop, had a slightly embarrassing moment where we couldn’t work the parking ticket machine at the Red Cow, got the LUAS to town, and then I was taken on a tour of the record stores of Dublin. Whilst having a quick look around Tower Records, who did we see there but Louis Walsh! After a quick discussion to confirm with each other that it was, in fact, Louis Walsh, we approached him for an oul chat – and honestly, he was absolutely lovely. We had a great chat about music and Ed Sheeran, and afterwards, he kindly posed for pictures with the two of us. An awesome addition to the trip!

Next stop, Vicar Street! We got there around 6:30, and I have to admit I was a little surprised to see such a large crowd already queuing – we thought doors weren’t open until 7:30 and Ed wasn’t getting on stage until 9:30, so we thought arriving 3 hours before the gig would secure us a place at the very front! Not quite. We still got very close though – about 4 people back from the stage. The gig itself was absolutely mind-blowing. He played some songs from his last album, +, and he also played some songs which feature on his new album (which comes out on June 23rd). THEY WERE AMAZING. I’m almost tempted to pre-order the album. And the vinyl. And limited edition boxset. I WANT IT ALL.

New favourite songs from the new album? Definitely ‘One’ and ‘Tenerife Sea’, but they were all insanely good. His cover of Nina Simone’s ‘Be My Husband’ was great because of the crowd interaction… but One was just amazing. The Parting Glass was wonderful too – especially when he stood away from the microphone and just sang to the crowd. So good.

For anyone who wants to watch the gig, it’s available in full here.

SAM_2872 SAM_2891 SAM_2894 SAM_2895


Yeah, I took photos. Took some really good videos too (well, the audio was good…videos weren’t great because I kept jumping up and down excitement and whatnot). And on top of it all, I got a flag that the roadies threw from the stage! It’s really cool.

All in all, it was an absolutely amazing day and an even better night. A great day to destress before the projects and exams! I’m more excited than ever for October now – take me back to Ed!


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