Pain, Priorities and British Comedy

I love technology. I love it a lot. I can’t remember the last time I went a day without my phone or my laptop. I’d rather not be able to remember the time I binge watched a tv series (looking at you, Game of Thrones). It helps you be productive… and it can distract you for days (or weeks… or months) on end.

However right now I’m feeling a bit resentful towards technology. Mainly because when I was making my dinner, I decided to turn on the music channels on my tv for a bit of background music. I pressed the button on my television, when suddenly it attacked me and crushed my foot. Angry and in pain as I was, I bent down to pick up the television…. and nada. Nothing. It was too bloody heavy. And so began my dilemma. There I was, standing in my sitting room, alone, while my huge block of a television lay on my foot. My room mates were in their rooms, and I was left to deal with the situation. While there were many ideas running through my head, one of them was “this will make a semi-decent blog post later.” Priorities, Ciara. PRIORITIES.

Odd, isn’t it? That one of my first thoughts was ‘this will be a great story to tell’ rather than ‘this is a bit of a predicament I’ve gotten myself into’. It’s a mindset I find myself in more and more these days – whether it’s taking photos to upload to Facebook, going to Twitter to tweet whatever it is that’s happening, or sending a 10 second photo to all of my friends via Snapchat. As many of my friends will confirm, I’m ever so slightly lethal with a camera. I go out with my friends with my camera in my bag just in case we feel like taking a few photos and wake up the following morning with over 200 photos. How does it happen? I’m not even sure. We’re kind of a camera loving bunch in college which probably contributes to it. Not to mention we’ve all got a slightly embarrassing fondness for selfies. The boys might tell you different but the camera doesn’t lie…

In the end, I managed to remove the TV from my foot and hang my head in shame as I was forced to ask my room mate to replace the television back on his stand. The mortification! The horror! I shouldn’t need others to lift the television! But I did, and needless to say I’m not going near the television again this evening unless 100% necessary. I will use the remote from the comfort of my own chair. Perhaps comfort is the wrong word since I don’t know any individual who could describe the couches in student accommodation as ‘comfortable’. Certainly not these student apartments anyway. I’ve slept on comfier patches of the ground than these couches.

Having successfully recovered from my traumatic incident with the television, I am now relaxing in the sitting room watching Britain’s 50 Funniest Comedy Characters. Mrs. Brown features at only 45. FORTY-FIVE. THIS IS A TRAVESTY. Yes, I love Mrs. Brown’s Boys. I do. Yes, it’s vulgar and at points utterly ridiculous but I love it. Episodes such as Mrs. Brown encountering the Mormans and discussing the Bible make me laugh every single time.

“It rained for forty days and forty nights and they called it a disaster. In Ireland, we call that the feckin’ summer!”

Admittedly, if you dislike foul language or religious humour, it’s probably not for you, but for me, few things are better than sitting down in front of the tv looking for a laugh and stumbling upon an episode of Mrs. Brown’s Boys. YOU GO BRENDAN O’ CARROLL. You make a fabulous woman. And while I’m writing about Mrs.Brown’s Boys, it seems foolish not to mention the movie hitting our screens later this year. Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie will be released on June 27th of this year. Am I excited? YOU BET I’M EXCITED. Also slightly excited that The Script are recording a song for the soundtrack called Hail, Rain or Sunshine. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?

What I find crazy about this movie is not the movie itself – but the fact that at the National Television Awards in January of this year, Brendan O’ Carroll (the creator and main character) announced that they’re already supposedly working on a sequel. A sequel to a movie that hasn’t been released yet and which is based on a television show? Seems a bit dodgy to me but I’m glad they have a bit of faith in the movie anyway.

Continuing on with Britain’s 50 Funniest TV Characters, Miranda features at 36, and The Fast Show at 32. I’d be lying if I said I recognised any of the rest of the shows to be honest. Perhaps when it gets into the top 10 I’ll recognise more. Just waiting for Fawlty Towers, Only Fools and Horses and Little Britain to show up on the list! Ah British television. Sometimes you love it and sometimes you hate it, and sometimes you remember that Mrs. Brown’s Boys and Father Ted are actually technically British shows and you love ‘British’ television even more.



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