Less Leg Room Than a Ryanair Flight

What’s got less legroom than a Ryanair flight? You got it, it’s a bus! I’m currently on my way back to college land, thus basically ending my Easter holidays. (And my game of thrones/revenge marathons. Weep for me and my television. I’ll return to you soon, my love!)

As I boarded the bus today, I immediately looked for a pair of seats without another passenger. Thankfully, I found one. I dislike sitting next to people on buses. Walking onto a crowded bus and beginning the fruitless scan of the seats, hoping and praying there’s two seats without people sitting in them is among my least favourite things about travelling. The part where you realise there are no pairs of free seats and you have to awkwardly sit in beside a complete stranger also ranks pretty highly on this list.

Anyway, once I sat down, my legs were squished against the chair in front (this was not helped when the person sitting in front of me decided to try to recline their seat. MIND MY LAPTOP YOU FOOL!)
This blog entry is about buses, and the weekly banter that yours truly has on bus journeys. In the past few months since I started college, I have spent quite a bit of time on buses. I pass the time by tweeting nonstop and sending ridiculous snapchats to my friends of the scenery outside the window, artistic shots of my feet, and, more often than not, super attractive photos of my face squinting in the sunlight. They love them. I’m deadly serious. Long story short, I bug each and every person I know via some form of communication in order to entertain myself. If you snapchat and text enough people, someone will always respond. These people are my favourite people.
Travelling. It is both wonderful in certain situations and torturous in others. The bus certainly isn’t my favourite mode of transport. I much prefer the train – more comfortable, you can get a table, there’s a trolley where you can buy a semi-decent cup of tea – but it adds an extra 2 hours to my journey and around 30euro to the price. Worth it? I’d say not.

At the moment on the scale the bus isn’t so bad. I’m leaning towards ‘slightly uncomfortable’. Right now, the sun is shining outside, the sky is a beautiful shade of my blue, there is hardly a cloud in the sky, you can feel the heat oozing in from outside… no, that’s not right. That heat isn’t from outside! It’s from right next to my leg, where the heater is turned on full blast! Why, bus driver? Are you that scared of the hot weather and air conditioning that you insist on leaving the heat on? Why must your passengers suffer? WHY? I’m melting. I only began this blog yesterday, and, not to be too dramatic or anything, this could be my last post if the bus driver does not IMMEDIATELY turn the heating off. It’s nearly summertime, Mr. Bus Driver! Embrace the blue and cloudless skies! Embrace what we refer to as ‘a grand oul stretch in the evenings!’ TURN ON THE AIR CONDITIONING!
*end rant*

But wait! In a slightly surprising turn of events, my bus appears to be arriving to the station a whole 15 minutes early. This makes a nice change from arriving 5 minutes late and needing to make a dash for bus number 2. I now have a whole 30 minutes to kill in the station. I might even have time to run up the road for a quick Subway meal. Good job Mr. Bus Driver. I might forgive you for the heating.


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