The Old Gods, the New Gods, and the God of Procrastination

I admit that part of my inspiration for starting this blog was my two friends who also began blogging today. However, I did actually have a blog before. It was sort of terrible, and then it became even worse last year when it began to resemble my Leaving Cert English essays – and who wants to read that unless you’re getting paid to do it?

So here I am with round 2 of Ciara’s Attempts To Run A Blog.As the title suggests, this blog will contain (hopefully), the daily bants of my life as I sail the through the sea of college assignments, television shows and my general musings on life. What better time to begin this great adventure than the Easter holidays when I’m procrastinating college work?

I spent some time thinking about what my first blog post would be… but really, most of my time was spent trying to pick a semi-decent name for my blog and a theme to go with it. (You can judge if it’s any good). And for this first post i’m going to talk a little about my latest obsession, Game of Thrones, and my hatred for people who spoil tv shows.

Firstly, I feel I should mention I don’t have anything against actual spoilers. I love getting sneak previews of things that are going to happen next season in a TV show. What I dislike is people who intentionally spoil books, TV shows and movies for others. But most of all, I dislike people who spoil these things for others and for them to justify it with, “but sure the book/movie/tv show has been out for X many days/weeks/months/years, it’s not really a spoiler anymore!”

Are you kidding me? THEY’RE STILL SPOILERS. If I haven’t read the book yet or I’m halfway through and you tell me the ending, I will not be a happy bunny. If I wanted to know the ending without reading it, I would have googled a synopsis of the book!

My latest encounter with spoilers was with Game of Thrones season 4, which began airing a few weeks ago. I only began watching the series in the last month, and until last week, I had managed to avoid all spoilers.Last Wednesday, I went for my usual scroll through Twitter, and there it was. Several tweets about the events in the most recent Game of Thrones episode. I was furious. And yes, I know that it was partly my own fault for venturing onto sites such as Twitter the day after the episode aired. However, most of the people I follow are usually considerate enough to not post spoilers in case people haven’t seen it. Given that I was only on season 1 when I saw the spoiler… it kinda spoiled some of the episodes for me. Not all of them. It’s still a wonderful show.

But what really got me was when I was discussing this with a friend who replied “Sure the book has been out for 14 years anyway, it’s not really a spoiler anymore!” YES IT IS YES IT IS YES IT IS.

One good thing came out of it: I began binge watching the series and I’m now halfway through season 3. SUCCESS!

So please, for those of you out there who think it’s amusing to spoil the show on other people… just don’t. If anyone reads this and posts spoilers in the comments, I will hunt you down. I swear it on the old gods and the new!

Until next time,
Ciara out!




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